As the 90 days draw to an end I’ve been reflecting. I am super proud as this is the first thing I have stuck to and I have be able to live my life and enjoy the food I love! Thanks for all the support, it’s made me so much more confident and I refuse to go back to how I was, mentally and physically!

Katie side by side


Just finished the 6-week kettlebell challenge. My back hasn’t been this pain free or my mobility this good in three years……I feel like an audience plant for a magic potion pusher. But I’m really not, it just works!


I haven’t had chance to really put my bike through its paces until last weekend where I raced the national XC champs and came away with a gold medal!!
Honestly I could ride it so much better with pretty much no pain. The only pain was from muscle use really. Amazing. It meant I had the strength to smash everything and it showed with a great result.
Then this weekend I raced a 12-hr endurance XC as pairs which was incredibly full on. I would never have managed before the bike fit.
Bloody awesome.


Wanted to say a big thank you, as you made a big difference to the amount of time I can spend on the bike pain free.

I was previously in pain after 2 hours, but I’ve since done several 6 hour plus rides, with very little discomfort.


Epic ride completed 400 miles within 40 hours. The ride across Yorkshire straight into a head wind almost did us all in. Also saw an angel!

Body held up well – rode an additional 30 miles to and from the start point.


Because of Troy I am now 4.5 st lighter which I have maintained for over a year and understand how to lead a balanced lifestyle.

I will always be so grateful to Troy for all his hard work and guidance.


TM Fitness nutrition advice helped me to….Bedford Super Sprint Overall Female Winner!

(can’t believe I beat the all the ladies – not just my age group! J)


I now actually eat more, and am still losing weight (even though I didn’t eat junk or in excess prior and weight loss wasn’t my initial goal); RESULT!