As a life-long lover of two wheels, I was neither new to cycling nor sadly a seasoned pro, but a move to road bikes got thinking about how well my new bike fitted me. I read about increased power, efficiency, and possible aerodynamic advantages, however, initially I was more interested in all-day comfort and staying injury free. A local bike shop recommended Troy and I was relieved that his bike fitting service wasn’t too basic nor too expensive, fortunately meeting my needs and budget. 

Starting off with an off-bike assessment, it was immediately obvious that the focus was on understanding my body, it’s abilities and limitations. Shoes, cleats and orthotics were next and finally the on-bike assessment.

Afterwards, I could feel the benefits; riding further for longer in total comfort. I didn’t think relatively small adjustments would make so much improvement.

Since that initial fit, I’ve returned to Troy numerous times. Whether it’s for a full new-bike fit, or just changing a saddle, ensuring the bike is correctly set up for me has proved excellent value. I’m comfortable and after all these years, injury free.


As the 90 days draw to an end I’ve been reflecting. I am super proud as this is the first thing I have stuck to and I have be able to live my life and enjoy the food I love! Thanks for all the support, it’s made me so much more confident and I refuse to go back to how I was, mentally and physically!

Katie side by side


4kg lost, 1/2 inch off my thighs 1 inch off my waist. Nice to see progress.

Becca collage


Just finished the 6-week kettlebell challenge. My back hasn’t been this pain free or my mobility this good in three years……I feel like an audience plant for a magic potion pusher. But I’m really not, it just works!


I haven’t had chance to really put my bike through its paces until last weekend where I raced the national XC champs and came away with a gold medal!!
Honestly I could ride it so much better with pretty much no pain. The only pain was from muscle use really. Amazing. It meant I had the strength to smash everything and it showed with a great result.
Then this weekend I raced a 12-hr endurance XC as pairs which was incredibly full on. I would never have managed before the bike fit.
Bloody awesome.


Wanted to say a big thank you, as you made a big difference to the amount of time I can spend on the bike pain free.

I was previously in pain after 2 hours, but I’ve since done several 6 hour plus rides, with very little discomfort.


Epic ride completed 400 miles within 40 hours. The ride across Yorkshire straight into a head wind almost did us all in. Also saw an angel!

Body held up well – rode an additional 30 miles to and from the start point.


Because of Troy I am now 4.5 st lighter which I have maintained for over a year and understand how to lead a balanced lifestyle.

I will always be so grateful to Troy for all his hard work and guidance.


TM Fitness nutrition advice helped me to….Bedford Super Sprint Overall Female Winner!

(can’t believe I beat all the ladies – not just my age group!)