Sep 22, 2013
 The 12 Week Fat Loss Programme is officially launched. 
May 17, 2013
 TM Fitness now offers online Personal Training, see services for details.

Customer Testimonials

Having sat on a coach and desk for 60 hours a week for 20 years I was overweight and fairly unfit. I did not have a clue about fitness Although my diet was balanced I was not getting the benefit of exercise so was unable to lose any weight or tone up.

I was quite nervous having never been in a gym before or done much exercise apart from walking and line dancing. 

Troy was very patient and helpful and always explained things well. I enjoyed the training sessions and felt I learned a lot. I was given the confidence to go out on my own and join a gym.

I am fitter than I have been for a long time but the main result is the confidence I have gained. I do not feel intimidated going into a gym, have learned to swim and do aqua aerobics and do Zumba and tone and trim classes. I would never have done all this without having Troy as a personal trainer in the first place.
- Pat

I had a good general level of fitness, but noticed a great improvement after a few weeks of attending circuit classes. This was a new form of exercise for me and it really helped to tone my body.  
I thought circuit training was aimed more towards men than women but it was  good fun! Troy was very encouraging and it  helped me to develop improved stamina for exercise and sporting hobbies like cycling and surfing.
- Kate

I have always enjoyed doing exercise and had joined most gyms and taken part in all types of dance studio based aerobic classes.  I joined a large bootcamp provider in Harlow but found it to be incredibly clicky and to be honest just too full.  It’s very disheartening to join something and not to be made to feel at ease when you first walk in.  Just take your money and move you along.

The worry with joining any group that’s been established for some time you always have the “clique” worries.  With Troy’s class there was nothing to worry about.  All the members were very nice and welcoming.  Troy asked if you had any injuries or concerns with training and if you had he’d tell you which parts to not participate in that evening.


I liked that he would text  or put a message on Facebook in the morning explaining what the evening session was going to involve.  He explained every aspect of the session and ensured correct technique to avoid injuries.  Troy is very professional and incredibly knowledgeable. He is encouraging and supportive.


The best tip I have taken from all of the sessions was the visualisation technique to help with controlling your breathing. Imagining your rib cage is opening like wings...really helped with the 5k charity fun run I took part in.

- Denni

I have always been interested in fitness and have a few months each year where I try to eat right and put a little effort into exercising. The problem I have always found is where to start, every youtube video or magazine article tells you something different and I end up being confused about how to get the results I want.

The best thing about training with Troy is how simple he makes everything, how to train, what it is you are doing and why and most importantly the nutritional information - it really is the key to getting results.

My friend and I are musicians and often spend hour upon hour sitting down and traveling often without access to quality meals and too much access to beer! We did joint sessions to get in shape for an album campaign, but we have come away with much more.
What I have gained from my experience with Troy is how to get and maintain the shape I want within the confines of my lifestyle and hectic schedule. He designed and tailored a plan which would accommodate the changing landscape of my working life.

Most impressive of all is Troy's genuine passion for, and interest in the progress of his clientele, his advice and support have been instrumental in helping us to achieve our goals and change our lifestyle.
- Steve Sparrow

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