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The Back-Pain Solution

back pain solution

"There is no such thing as non-specific back pain, there is a cause" - Dr Stu McGill

  • Do you experience back pain or stiffness on a regular basis?
  • Does your pain disturb your sleep?
  • Is your effectiveness at work and at play affected?
  • Does it affect your quality of life?
If you have been diagnosed with non-specific back pain or degenerative disc disease, or simply feel stiffness, aching or occasional shooting pain in the lower back that is not directly related to a specific injury or medical condition you have the potential to change that situation.

The Back Pain Solution is an evidence informed program designed to teach you about the anatomy of your core and spine, why your posture may be contributing to your chronic pain and the neuro-emotional phenomenon of pain catastrophizing.

Learn about the myth of non-specific back pain and degenerative disc 'disease'.

How to improve your posture, be more mindful of how you move and why this can affect your levels of pain.

You'll learn an emotional coping strategy to reduce your experience of pain and how you perceive it.

A 3 stage exercise program to not only improve your core and reduce your back pain but to get you stronger, more mobile and back to performing at your best.

Movement and strength training are scientifically proven to be more effective for reductions in chronic pain than static stretching or pseudo scientific interventions like taping or rolfing.

It's entirely possible that after following the exercise advice in this presentation your back will not only be pain free but stronger than it's ever been.

Don't let your pain define you, you are in control.

What you get
  • a 90-minute video presentation covering everything you need to know
  • An exercise program containing video explanations of all the exercises
  • PDF versions of the presentation slides
  • A free bonus weight loss nutrition guide

All this for ONLY £49


DISCLAIMER: **Buy purchasing this program you understand that you do so at your own risk. Ask the advice of your phycician or therapist if you are unsure if this program will be suitable for you. I can take no resonsibility if you employ poor exercise technique or fail to follow the evidence based guidelines in this program**